Industry Services

Care facility

We stock a full range of ADA light fixtures as well as all energy saving products including but not limited to fluorescent, ballasts and LED. We have a staff with many years of combined experience to help you decide on the appropriate product for your needs.


Save energy by changing all your incandescent to LED! Long life; 65000 hours on our LED tape 50000 on Led bulbs. We stock a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting. Most of our fixtures are ADA compliant.


We have fill knowledge of title 24 compliant. We carry and stock a full range of recessed lighting, wall sconces, pendant, track lighting and chandelier. In addition, we stock and have knowledge of over 10000 bulbs; LED, Fluorescent, CFL and long-life lighting.


We carry and stock all your lighting needs including recessed, track lighting, rail lighting systems on all residential and commercial lighting fixtures. We are knowledgeable and can help you with any compliance or design requirements. We stay informed of all new technology and specifically stock LED bulbs, LED panels, LED tape lighting.

HOA Community

We have worked with many HOA’s over our 25 years in business from help with indoor and outdoor fixture selection to energy saving and long-life lighting. We inventory all light bulbs, fluorescent and ballasts needed to keep your HOA running cost effectively.

Hotel & Hospitality

Tired of changing bulbs? We stock a full range of LED product and long-life lighting. All LED products we sell carries a five year warranty. We carry all your lighting needs including table lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers, pendants and a complete range of energy saving and innovative lighting products. Our light bulb selection is unsurpassed. We will help you solve any lighting issues to ensure that your facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

Office Building

Need help with tenant improvement lighting? We stock a full range of fluorescent lighting products as well as wall, hanging and recessed lighting. All ADA compliant. We have a complete and extensive range of light bulbs, fluorescent tube and LED product. Don’t settle for anything less than a five year warranty on all LED product. We will help you maximize the efficiency of your facility.

Research facility

Over our 25 years of business we have serviced many research and treatment facilities. Our extensive knowledge and inventory of all microscope lighting leaves our competition leagues behind us. In addition, we stock every germicidal fluorescent bulb needed for your culture hoods. Our range of facility bulbs will help you maximize the life of all your bulbs as well as save maximum energy and help you go green. Need a ballast or nuclear exit sign? Call us for a quote.


Become the master of your own destiny, let us help you with your decision-making on table lamps, wall sconce chandelier or design issue. We carry an extensive range of all lighting fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens, living and dining rooms as well as outdoor and garden lighting. Save money with the use of LED and energy efficient lighting and light bulbs. We carry an extensive range of LED tape light, LED recessed lighting and LED bulbs.


Mesmerize your customer by changing the color of you décor by installing our RGB LED tape light. You decide what color and when to change color.

Interior Designer

Bring your creative mind and designs to us and let us help you find the perfect fixture for your specific application. Search our vast range of lighting manufacturers to cover all your lighting needs. Do you need a custom lighting fixture for a hard to please client? Call us and let us help you fulfill your clients wildest fantasies. We stock or have access to every sconce, light fixture, pendant, chandelier or light bulb that you might need.